Termos e condições Submission of a Request for Quote

Submission of a request for quote is governed by these terms and conditions as well as the general terms and conditions for the EUROPAGES website. When you use the service for submitting requests for quote on the EUROPAGES site, you acknowledge and agree to abide by these terms and conditions. EUROPAGES retains the right to modify them at any moment without prior notification. We therefore advise users to regularly refer to these conditions of use.

Article 1: Definitions

Users of the EUROPAGES website (and its partner sites) can create requests for quote on the EUROPAGES site. ‘Service users’ designates unidentified visitors, clients or free members registered with EUROPAGES who make use of the europages.com quote request services.

Article 2: Service for sending requests for quote and putting users and companies in contact.

Users submit their requests for quote at no cost on the EUROPAGES website.

Requests are submitted using a form. Users must fill in the special form available on the site, following the instructions accessible online and providing the information needed to identify themselves and formulate their requirements. They must fill in the all fields on the form marked as obligatory.

Users undertake to ensure that the information provided in their request is:

  • accurate and true;
  • respects copyrights, patent rights, trademark rights, trade secrets and all other intellectual property rights;
  • does not infringe any laws or regulations;
  • is not defamatory, slanderous or libellous;
  • does not interrupt operation of the site in any way whatsoever and does not damage the site.

In the event that this undertaking is not respected, EUROPAGES reserves the right to issue warnings and refuse access to all or part of the service, immediately and/or in the future, without prior notice and without the need to indicate the reasons for the refusal.

EUROPAGES reserves the right to contact users, checks their requests and complete/modify them if necessary. If the request is judged to be relevant and real, EUROPAGES will send it to a list of companies listed on www.europages.com whose business corresponds to the request.

Article 3: Restrictions

The service is only accessible to companies and not to individuals. All requests from individuals will be declined.

EUROPAGES reserves the right to decline a request it considers incomplete or generated by spam, or if the request raises doubts as to the real nature of the requirement or user. In this event, EUROPAGES reserves the right to delete the submitted request, without prior notice and without the need to indicate the reasons for the deletion. The request will not be sent to any companies.

Article 4: Personal data

Information provided by users is confidential and not accessible to third parties. Information on users is only shared with the businesses concerned by the requests and with our partners. The service is subject to the EUROPAGES privacy policy.

Article 5: Liability

5.1 Liability to users who have submitted a request

EUROPAGES cannot be held liable if transmission of a request does not result in users’ requests for quote being accepted on the europages.com site. EUROPAGES cannot therefore be held liable for products, services, payments, deliveries, refusal of the quote or any other consequence resulting from the operation.

5.2 Liabilities to the selected companies

All companies listed on the europages.com website may receive requests for quote submitted by EUROPAGES users.
EUROPAGES is exempt from all obligation to produce a specific result. EUROPAGES cannot therefore be held liable for the content, legitimacy, completeness, reliability or availability of information transmitted or data entered by users on requests for quote as well as any consequences resulting from the request.